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Mike Shanahan Storms Onto Super Bowl Field To Berate Ref For Bullshit Call Against His Boy

MIAMI—Pushing through the sidelines and causing a play to be called dead as he got in the official’s face, former NFL coach Mike Shanahan stormed onto Hard Rock Stadium field Sunday evening to berate the referees for a “bullshit” call that went against his son, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. “You son of a bitch, you’ve had it out for Kyle this entire game, you must be fucking blind if you think that was a penalty,” shouted Shanahan, shoving the referee as several players tried to intervene and his wife begged him to calm down and come back to the stands. “You’re just jealous because he’s a star. If you’ve got a problem with us, maybe you should be a real man and we can take this out back. And you haven’t called a single fucking thing on that Mahomes kid either. Did someone pay you off? Who the hell is your boss, because I’m gonna make sure you’re out on the street after this.” At press time, Shanahan was being removed from the field and placed in the stadium’s holding cell after spitting in the referee’s face.

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