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Movie Studio Vastly Overestimating How Secretive They Need To Be About ‘Transformers 7’ Script

LOS ANGELES—Needlessly implementing strict confidentiality measures, Paramount Pictures was vastly overestimating how secretive they needed to be about the script for Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts, the upcoming seventh installment in the film series, sources confirmed Monday. In order to ensure the movie’s plot was kept under wraps until its summer 2022 release, the studio reportedly forced the cast and crew to sign 30-page nondisclosure agreements, despite the fact that none of them stood to benefit by leaking the screenplay to the public, which had expressed no interest in reading it. The studio was also said to have created a code name for the project and various aliases for the actors involved, apparently believing it was necessary to embargo information about who would be cast to voice characters with names like “Rhinox” and “Cheetor.” According to reports, Paramount executives even threatened legal action against one cast member who mentioned details about the script to the press, despite the fact that the reporter asked no follow up questions and quickly moved the interview on to other topics. At press time, the film’s producers had reportedly blamed its poor performance at a test screening on script leaks they said had ruined all the surprises about Bumblebee’s character arc.

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