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New Madden ‘Owner Mode’ Allows Players To Customize Concussion Study Findings

REDWOOD CITY, CA—Touting it as the most realistic update to their long running “Franchise Mode,” EA Sports revealed Friday that the new “Owner Mode” options in Madden 22 allow players to customize the findings of their own concussion studies. “Not only do you have to manage the salary cap and have relationships with players to manage their ego, but you can also devise entire concussions reports to allow your players back on the field when they should be recovering,” said producer Seann Graddy, who noted the players have hundreds of options to increase the ambiguity, delay release, and even bribe doctors to craft their perfect concussion study. “We want to capture the full experience of being an owner in the NFL, that means getting as in depth as setting concession prices like hot dogs, or killing a news story on a star player’s concussion by threatening to completely cut off a paper’s access to the team. And there is real strategy involved, if it’s too obvious you risk getting negative press coverage that could impact your sponsorship deals for the next season.” At press time, the NFL had revoked all rights to its league from EA for violating their concussion confidentiality agreement and awarded the license to 2K Games.

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