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NFL Reminds Black Coaches They’ll Get Their Chance Once League Runs Out Of Grudens And Shanahans

NEW YORK—Promising the frustrated applicants that a job for them should open up any year now, the NFL reminded black coaches Thursday that they will get their chance as soon as the league runs out of Grudens and Shanahans. “We take diversity seriously, and we want black coaches to know they will get a fair shot once we get through the remaining four or five Grudens,” said commissioner Roger Goodell, who addressed concerns over the lack of black coaches hired recently by assuring them that they just need to be patient, pay their dues, and wait to see if any Mannings want a shot at a head coaching job. “I know that there are some great black coaches who will be at the top of any team’s list, just as long as there are not any more Harbaughs floating around out there, because they would obviously get hired in a heartbeat. And also, those LaFleurs are coming on pretty strong, so after that, but then I promise you will be good. You’ll be ahead of any more Ryans, that’s for sure.” Goodell did warn that if any Gronkowskis ever wanted to coach it could set back black applicants’ chances by 50 years.

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