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NFLPA Warns Holdouts They Need To Consider The Risk That They’ll End Up Having To Sign With Jets

WASHINGTON—Reminding players that failing to report to training camp was a high-risk move with no guarantee of success, the National Football League Players Association released a statement Friday warning holdouts that they might end up having to sign with the New York Jets. “We understand you want a better contract, but you have to weigh that desire against the very real chance you will eventually be forced to sign with the Jets,” said NFLPA president Eric Winston, reminding players to consider those worst-case scenarios when leveraging potential suitors against their current teams. “Obviously, we support our players getting the money they deserve, but before you sit out week 1, just imagine having to see your family in Jets gear. Remember, this is still a negotiation and you shouldn’t overplay your hand. It’s our job to look out for your best interests and to let you know that you’re in danger of spending the prime of your career going 4-12 for an unforgiving fanbase.” At press time, the NFLPA announced a push for more lucrative pensions to compensate players who had their careers and futures irreparably damaged after being forced to play for the Jets.

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