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Seth Moulton Spends Afternoon By Radio To See If They Play Campaign Ad

SALEM, MA—Periodically turning up the volume to make sure he didn’t miss the commercial spot, Democratic presidential candidate Seth Moulton was reportedly spending the afternoon next to his radio Monday hoping to hear his campaign ad. “It’s just cool to think that I have a presidential campaign ad that’s actually going to get played on the air,” said the congressman, pointing a tape recorder towards the dashboard of his car, which he had parked at the top of a tall hill in an effort to get a better signal for the low-wattage local station. “The station manager told me they were going to try to fit it in by the end of the next block, so I’m getting pretty psyched. I told my wife and a couple of my buddies from my PAC to be sure to tune in, too. Shh, shh, I think this is it! Oh, damn, never mind, it’s just another one for Elizabeth Warren.” At press time, a crestfallen Moulton had switched off the radio after his ad had been preempted by a news bulletin about Andrew Yang qualifying for the next Democratic debate.

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