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Ohio 6th-Grader Forced To Give Birth Last Year Slightly Annoyed At Timing Of Abortion Ratification

CLEVELAND—Stressing that she was relieved to know others would now be able to control their own futures, sixth-grader Amanda Zwillet, a local girl forced to give birth last year, told reporters Wednesday she was nonetheless a bit frustrated about the timing of the recent vote to enshrine abortion rights in Ohio’s constitution. “Look, I’m obviously happy that our state agreed to protect people’s ability to make choices about their own body, but it just kind of sucks to have to breastfeed during math class,” said Nelson, describing how she hoped it was understandable when she questioned why the pro-choice amendment to the constitution couldn’t have been approved a year ago when it would have been useful to her. “I’m for sure glad that everyone else gets to exercise their reproductive rights and everything, but at this rate, I’m probably not going to make it through middle school. Also, I had to quit softball. Honestly, I thought a lot of my classmates were going to become moms under the old laws, too. At least then we could talk about how hard this all is. But now I’m pretty much alone on this.” At press time, Zwillet was reportedly taking solace in the fact that she at least had her new friend group of thirtysomething moms to hang out with.

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