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Patrick Mahomes: ‘This Loss Will Motivate Me To Appreciate What’s Actually Meaningful In Life’

KANSAS CITY—Vowing to turn the heartbreaking Super Bowl defeat into something productive, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes told sources Tuesday that he is using this loss as motivation to start appreciating what is actually important in life. “This is really going to light a fire under my ass to kick back, enjoy good food with friends, and spend time with my family,” said Mahomes, who claims he’s already gotten a head start on the upcoming season by texting his teammates about starting a book club together. “Seeing Brady celebrate his seventh Super Bowl right in front of me has just given me this hunger to start learning how to bake or take a woodworking class instead of wasting my time pursuing meaningless public adulation. I’m going to be up late every night enjoying my favorite classic movies with my fiancée and drinking some nice cocktails.” Mahomes added that with the renewed focus and commitment this loss has brought, he could fulfill his dreams to be out of the league completely by the time he is 30.

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