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Racine Legion To Select Second Overall In NFL Draft Using Pick Acquired In 1923

NASHVILLE, TN—In a long-awaited culmination of the bold strategic move made several seasons ago, the Racine Legion will be selecting second overall in the NFL draft Thursday using a pick the team acquired in 1923. “It’s been a tough century for Racine, but with such a high pick, they may finally be able to replace Hank Gillo,” said NFL draft analyst Ben Fennell, adding that the pick provided relief for long-suffering fans of the Legion, who have not seen a competitive team at Horlick Field since Coach Babe Ruetz left in 1924. “It was definitely controversial when the Legion made the call to send Shorty Brown to the Canton Bulldogs in 1923 in exchange for Tex Grigg and a pick 96 years in the future—especially when it was really Fritz Roeseler who had a disappointing season that year—but it seems like all the waiting may be worth it. And fans forget that trading Brown also saved the team $500 in cap space.” Fennell also speculated that the reinvigorated Legion roster might finally have a chance to topple their longtime rivals, the Duluth Kelleys.

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