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Critics Warn Biden’s Plan To Remove Lead Pipes Would Put Millions Of Potential Murder Weapons In Circulation

WASHINGTON—Denouncing the Biden administration’s plan to replace every lead pipe in the nation’s water systems, critics warned Thursday that such an initiative would put millions of potential murder weapons into circulation across American cities. “The president is proposing a dangerous new government program that would place deadly weapons in the hands of violent criminals,” said Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), adding that while the reduction of drinking water toxicity was a noble goal on paper, once the estimated 6 to 10 million pipes were no longer in use as mains and service lines, the increased availability of metal bludgeons would push homicide rates to record highs. “It’s completely reckless and irresponsible to be giving out free murder weapons in the name of environmental safety. What good is safe drinking water if American families can’t walk down the street without getting their heads bashed in by a pipe-wielding thug? Lead pipes must remain safely below the ground.” Cotton later clarified that he still supported the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to carry lead pipes in public and beat people to death in self-defense.

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