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Red Sox Ask Fans To Switch From Racial To Homophobic Slurs When Taunting Opposing Players

BOSTON—Pledging to do better when it comes to respecting diversity in the MLB, Red Sox owner John William Henry asked fans Friday to switch from their normal racial slurs to homophobic ones when taunting opposing players. “We want to be inclusive, so we ask that from here on out our fans only use terms that insult the LGBTQ community,” said Henry, who noted that whether it was threatening players with violence or shouting at them on the street, anything other than homophobia brought shame to the Red Sox organization. “We’ve heard from players and fans alike about racial slurs screamed at our games, and that specific kind of hate disgusts us. We don’t want to limit the passion of our fans and their ability to express themselves, but there are plenty of horrible things about homosexuals you can shout instead.” Henry added that he understood change is difficult, and that once fans return to games, there would be an eight-decade probationary period before fans yelling racist remarks were removed from the stands.

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