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Returning Olympic Medalist To Have Pick Of Cameos For 2 Lines Of Stiffly Delivered Dialogue

LOS ANGELES—Returning home from Tokyo as the most decorated female swimmer in history, seven-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky was expected to have her pick of TV cameo appearances in which she would deliver two lines of stilted dialogue, sources confirmed Monday. “We fully expect networks such as TBS, TNT, and CBS will want to reward Katie’s feats of athleticism by offering her a bit part on a program in which, for example, she plays a lifeguard who blows a whistle and awkwardly tells some kids not to run by the pool,” said Ledecky’s booking agent Margot Handleman, adding that her client would inevitably be on screen for 20 seconds and provide a show’s protagonist with a pep talk about working hard, following your dreams, and winning—perhaps even using a clunky swimming metaphor in the process. “We’re already struggling to keep up with all the offers for cameos in which a character slyly asks her, ‘Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?’ or simply points to her and says, ‘Hey, you’re Katie Ledecky!’ It’s a little something viewers will have to look forward to this fall.” At press time, Handleman confirmed Ledecky would fly directly from Tokyo to New York to appear in a Saturday Night Live sketch in which she would ironically portray a person who is afraid to swim.

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