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Rob Gronkowski Hoping Bucs Trade For Tom Brady Too

TAMPA, FL—Expressing confidence that once again playing with the all-time great would make his new team a sure-fire Super Bowl contender, former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski told sources Wednesday that he was hoping the Buccaneers trade for Tom Brady as well. “I gotta go down to Tampa’s front office and ask coach Belichick to see if we can get Tommy on the squad,” said Gronkowski, who claimed his agent had told him it was a “great idea” and that he was “100% confident,” it would happen soon. “I know it’s been a decade since I played, but I still think I can compete, and having Tom by my side would really help. We would be great with him taking hand-offs from me again. And I bet Tom and Gazelle would love living in Georgia, too.” At press time, Gronkowski was asking the team about the possibility of putting together a truly unstoppable offense by also acquiring Aaron Hernandez.

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