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Sam Darnold Pissed He Forgot To Bench Self On Fantasy Team

FLORHAM PARK, NJ—Expressing concern that he’s already out of the playoff hunt after a brutal 2-4 start to the season, injured Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was reportedly annoyed Wednesday after forgetting to bench himself on his fantasy team this past week. “Dammit, I’ve actually been meaning to sit myself for weeks, but this was a huge fuckup, especially since I have [Jared] Goff on the bench and he’s at least half-decent,” said Darnold, who revealed that several other owners in his league had complained to the commissioner that his heart clearly was not in it and he was giving other teams easy wins. “Honestly, I should never have drafted me. I’ve been a total dud. I thought I might have a breakout year after showing some promise, but with [Adam] Gase coaching I should have known it was gonna be a disaster. I should just drop myself and take a chance on Tua [Tagovailoa], now that he’s starting.” Darnold added that he still planned to hold on to Le’Veon Bell as he expected him to break out now that he was no longer a Jet.

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