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Eagles Fan Starts Tailgating At 9 A.M. For Custody Hearing

PHILADELPHIA—Cracking open a Coors Light as he lit his charcoal grill, Eagles fan Anthony Marcus reportedly started tailgating at 9 a.m. Thursday ahead of the custody hearing for his 8-month-old daughter. “I always like to get together with the boys and throw back a few cold ones before the afternoon trial starts,” said Marcus, pointing toward a crowded section of the parking lot off the side of the courthouse as a “good spot to piss without getting caught.” “It sucks because they don’t let you drink in there anymore, but I’ll try to sneak a beer past security. We’ve got some really good wings my man Blake brings, and Johnny has a public intoxication hearing at the same time, so why not make a day of it? It’s good to let off some steam here, ’cause I got kicked out last week for calling the judge a ‘Homo.’ Fucking pussies.” At press time, Marcus was frantically cleaning vomit off his “good” Carson Wentz jersey before heading into trial.

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