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Seahawks Offensive Lineman Confused By Complicated Scheme Requiring Him To Make Block

SEATTLE—Telling reporters that he had never seen a play drawn up like that before, Seattle Seahawks center Kyle Fuller admitted his confusion Sunday over a complicated scheme that required him to make a block. “I thought I understood what I was supposed to do on the play until the offensive coordinator drew this weird thing where he wanted me to block one of the pass rushers,” said Fuller, adding that he asked his fellow linemen, including veteran Duane Brown, what the cryptic play call might mean, but no one could figure out why they would be expected to block all of a sudden. “I’m 27 years old, and in my whole career as an offensive lineman I’ve never once encountered a complicated play like this requiring me to block. I’ve also got a lot on my plate already as it is, since every play I already hike the ball to the quarterback, and after that I always hold my hand out to help him up from the ground once the play’s whistled dead. What about spreading my arms out and looking around as the other players rush past me? When am I supposed to do that? That’s the way I’m used to playing.” Fuller reportedly wasn’t the only Seahawk having trouble deciphering the team’s play calls, as quarterback Russell Wilson told sources he was confused why the vast majority of the team’s offensive plays required him to scramble around in the backfield not seeing open receivers for a little while before getting sacked.

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