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Sighing Janitor Once Again Called In To Mop Up Puddle Of Megan Thee Stallion Pussy Juice

LOS ANGELES—Shaking his head as he rolled his bucket on stage and set up yellow “wet floor” signs, Grammy’s janitor Marko Pavlović let out a pained sigh Sunday after once again being called in to mop up a puddle of Megan Thee Stallion’s pussy juice. “Oh my god, not again—it’s like the second I’m finished cleaning up one of her messes, she goes backstage, loads up, and leaves lady froth all over the damn place,” said Pavlović, wringing out his fully saturated mop, covering the dance floor in a layer of saw dust, and spraying copious amounts anti-odor spray into the air as the song “Body” played in the background. “I…don’t understand. This is the fourth time it’s happened, and that’s not even counting the rehearsal, where I was ankle deep in her clam sauce. At the very least, don’t do it on the stage right before BTS is supposed to go on. Someone could slip and break their neck.” At press time, Pavlović could be heard screaming after Megan Thee Stallion’s pussy juice seeped through the walls, causing lights to short out and leave the entire Staples Center in darkness.

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