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Skip Bayless Slams History Of Chinese Post-Opium War Intervention Anxiety In 6-Hour ‘Undisputed’

LOS ANGELES—Emphasizing that the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence were completely useless in a globalized economy, Fox Sports host Skip Bayless spent six hours on Undisputed Wednesday slamming China’s history of intervention anxiety in the post-Opium Wars era. “This is some 19th-century, rookie nationalism right here. China needs to grow up and deal with blowback from the international community if they want to play with the big boys,” said Bayless as he entered his third hour of citing historical facts to support his argument that you could draw a straight line from the punitive measures of the 1858 Treaty of Tientsin to the rise of communism, citing the Cultural Revolution and even the one-child policy as examples of how the nation’s isolationist tendencies impacted modern policy. “I know the forced opening of Chinese ports tore apart the economy for decades and led to the degradation of Qing sovereignty, but they have to get over themselves and realize that in today’s international market you can’t be afraid that any small amount of influence will corrupt the entire system. This all starts with management; if the Communist Party doesn’t set the tone and show some leadership, they are never going to stay contenders.” At press time, co-host Shannon Sharpe made a quick point about how the explicit aggression of the Sino-Indian War undermined the overall theory of territorial unity, leading a furious Bayless to throw down his mic and storm off the set.

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