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Eminem Speaks To Police Officer After Noise Complaint Called On Super Bowl Halftime Performance

INGLEWOOD, CA—During an awkward interruption of an otherwise lively performance, rapper Eminem was reportedly tasked with speaking to police officers Sunday after a noise complaint had been called on the Super Bowl halftime show. “My friends and I are just here performing this show we were booked for by the NFL, we have the proper permits and everything,” said Eminem as LAPD officers rested their hands near their holsters while eyeing Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and Dr. Dre to ensure no laws were being violated onstage. “I don’t even feel like we were being that loud, I guess the walls of the stadium are pretty thin. We’ll try our best to keep it down, although, respectfully, sir, we are supposed to be doing a concert in front of thousands of screaming fans right now. I wish the neighbor who called to complain would just talk to us directly because I do think there are some unfortunate implications to you showing up right now.” At press time, officers were sternly reminding the rappers that they needed to keep their hands in view.

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