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Tina Fey Confirms ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Will Be Silent Film

NEW YORK—Shedding new light on the upcoming screen adaptation of the beloved Broadway show, Tina Fey told reporters Friday that the Mean Girls movie musical would be a silent film. “I understand that many were confused by the lack of songs when the trailer dropped on Wednesday, and I want to clarify that there is no music or dialogue or any sound of any kind in this film,” said Fey, producer and screenwriter of the 2024 movie, attempting to assuage fans’ concerns following the release of the trailer, which was shot on 16-millimeter black-and-white film and in which the trio known as “the Plastics” is seen running across the top of a train car. “We’ve brought a brand-new twist to the franchise that I hope fans both old and new will enjoy. Reneé Rapp’s performance in particular is just spectacular—she’s a brilliant pantomimer!” Fey added that Broadway musical fans could rest assured that select screenings would feature an organ accompaniment.

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