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Tom Brady Not Sure How To Ask Coach For Tape Of Other Team’s Practice

TAMPA, FL—Expressing concerns that Tampa Bay had not yet undertaken the basic prep he used to do in New England, quarterback Tom Brady confessed Thursday that he wasn’t sure how to ask Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians for tape of their opponent’s practice. “This is a new system, so I don’t know whether we go over tape of the Panthers’ walkthrough as a team or if I need to study it myself,” said Brady, who conceded that Arians might be too busy working on a game plan and decided to schedule the normal step-by-step breakdown of Carolina’s latest scrimmage and playbook. “I never even had to ask Bill [Belichick], he’d just send an intern my way to debrief me. Bruce hasn’t said anything about it yet, but I need to hunker down in the film room with the exact plays and audibles that the defense is running. It takes a while to memorize all that, so hopefully coach sends some tape my way soon.” At press time, Brady decided to fly his own cameraman to film the Panther’s practice after a terse meeting with Arians.

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