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Pete Buttigieg Blames Inability To Disclose Political Stances On NDA With Buttigieg Campaign

CONCORD, NH—Declaring that he simply has no choice in the matter, White House hopeful Pete Buttigieg told reporters Friday that some political positions he holds cannot be disclosed because of a nondisclosure agreement he signed with the Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign. “I would love to answer your questions, but back in early 2019, I signed a strict, binding contract with the Pete for America organization in which I agreed not to discuss such matters,” Buttigieg said during a candidate forum, explaining that while he would love to offer more detailed and convincing proposals on issues such as healthcare, foreign policy, and immigration, he is legally prohibited from doing so. “There’s nothing I’d enjoy more than elaborating on my tax plan, for example, but I can’t talk about any views I may have held during the period of my candidacy. These are highly confidential policy initiatives. Unless the Buttigieg campaign agrees to release me from the NDA, I’m afraid there’s simply nothing I can do.” At press time, the Buttigieg campaign was reportedly scrambling to perform damage control after details of Buttigieg’s political stances had been leaked to the public.

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