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Undecided Voter Still Hasn’t Made Up Mind As To Who Won NBA Finals

BOCA RATON, FL—Thinking that he might not be able to come to a final verdict until November, undecided voter Sydney Haselwood told reporters Friday that he still hasn’t made up his mind as to who won the 2020 NBA Finals. “Both teams made some good points, so I’ll need more time to make my assessment,” said Haselwood, 51, clarifying that he didn’t trust NBA media to put aside its coastal bias and accurately report who won. “The Lakers had the lead at the final buzzer, but I’m still not convinced that qualifies as a victory. I actually think it’s a bit unfair that our country only has two teams competing for championships, when a third-party might inject some life into the system. But I have some friends who support the Heat, so maybe I’ll go with them. Personally, I was leaning a little more towards Indiana, and I still might write them in as champions.” At press time, Haselwood announced plans to listen to whoever Joe Rogan said was the winner.

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