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Wisconsin Reports Zero Evidence Of Voter Fraud In Ballots They’ve Thrown Out So Far

MADISON, WI—Assuaging concerns that the 2020 election could be swayed by widespread misconduct, Wisconsin officials reported Friday zero evidence of voter fraud in ballots they’ve thrown out so far. “We’ve looked at and discarded thousands of ballots over the past week, and in no instances have we found any attempt on the part of voters to submit fraudulent ballots,” said Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, adding that every single ballot the election commission put in large boxes and drove to a warehouse where they will sit uncounted through the election appeared to be legitimate. “Every one of the ballots we’ve eliminated had no signs of tampering and were filled out properly. There aren’t any efforts of submitting the ballots of deceased Wisconsin residents or by people trying to vote multiple times that we could see before we tossed them in the trash. This just goes to show that concerns about voter fraud have been way overblown. It’s very encouraging.” Wisconsin officials added that their examination of votes did find a negligible 0.05% of ballots that they were going to count.

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