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‘Wait, So Why Did That Guy Just Drink That Beer?’ Asks Annoying Friend Who Never Watches Commercials

OXNARD, CA—Constantly disrupting the Super Bowl party with his annoying interjections, sources close to Ian Evers, a self-proclaimed “non-commercial fan,” confirmed Sunday that he had asked “wait, so why did that guy just drink that beer?” during an advertisement for Miller Lite. “Who’s that guy? Is that good? Sorry, I’m not a fan of beer ball,” said Evers to the frustration of fellow partygoers, who begrudgingly explained the premise of a Doritos commercial and expressed surprise that Evers wasn’t familiar with well-known pitchmen like Peyton and Eli Manning. “I just don’t get why they are showing all these people I don’t know having a good time together. Oh, they have overhead cameras, now? I haven’t watched one of these [Ford] F-150 commercials in years. Do they still have Brett Favre out there?” At press time, Evers had been escorted out of the party after asking if the chips in a Pringles commercial were meant to be eaten.

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