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Man Hoping To Turn $250 Super Bowl Winnings Into All Encompassing Hunger That Will Ruin His Entire Life

LACONIA, NH—Riding high off the casual bet he placed on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, local man Josh Hibbert confirmed Monday that he was hoping to turn his $250 Super Bowl winnings into an all-encompassing hunger that would ruin his entire life. “This was a nice, surprising little windfall, and I think it would be fun to let this slowly spiral out of control for the next two decades,” said Hibbert, noting that he was not even a huge football fan and had just placed the bet because a friend of his playfully pushed him into it. “Maybe I can throw down part of my winnings on an NBA game, and then turn that into a thousand-dollar bet in the finals. It just made watching the game more fun, and with this as a foundation, I could be taking out a second mortgage for next year’s Super Bowl. It’s all basically found money, right?” At press time, Hibbert’s excited friends were bringing him into their sports bet group chat to share tips.

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