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Aaron Sorkin Defends Taking Liberties With Scene In Which All Members Of Chicago 7 Endorse Joe Biden

LOS ANGELES—Addressing criticism about the film during a press junket in support of its streaming release, director Aaron Sorkin told reporters Monday that he stood by taking liberties with a scene in The Trial Of The Chicago 7 in which every member of the group announces their unequivocal endorsement of Joe Biden. “Look, we may have taken some creative license here and there, but the spirit of the Chicago 7 has absolutely been preserved by having these protesters offer their full-throated support to Joe Biden’s presidential bid,” said the director, who repeatedly stood by the moment when all of the defendants in the trial for their incitement to riot look directly into the camera and emotionally declare “Joe Biden is the right man for the job!” over the judge’s strenuous objections. “Now, obviously, is the movie mostly about the 1968 Vietnam protests? Of course. But would we have served [Yippy founder] Abbie Hoffman’s memory better by removing the heartbreaking moment where he breaks down in tears under cross-examination, stands up his seat, and shouts ‘Your honor, I’m not sure we see eye to eye on everything, but I fervently agree with Joe Biden that we must restore the soul of this country’? I don’t think so. Just think about it. These men were progressives; many people who support Joe Biden now are progressives. So, if you really examine things, this is exactly what would’ve happened.”At press time, Sorkin had abruptly backpedaled after a follow-up question on an episode in The West Wing’s third season in which the characters played by Martin Sheen, John Spencer, and Bradley Whitford discover Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction during a routine diplomatic visit to Iraq.

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