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Adam Gase Insists It Way Too Early To Think About Destroying Trevor Lawrence

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ—Condemning radio hosts and fans who have already started talking about the upcoming draft, New York Jets head coach Adam Gase insisted Thursday that it was way too early to think about how the team would destroy the career of top quarterback prospect Trevor Lawrence. “Look, I know people love to speculate, but my focus is on wasting the careers of the players in this locker room,” said Gase, claiming that current quarterback Sam Darnold is still a young player with a lot of untapped talent to squander. “I’m not thinking about who is going to be throwing pick-sixes next year, I’m thinking about who’s going to be sacked six times next week. This is a long season, and I’m zeroed in on making sure Mekhi [Becton] never develops into a Pro Bowl lineman. I don’t have time to talk about [Trevor] Lawrence, I’ve got a shitty game to put together.” At press time, Gase added that if the Jets continue to execute his vision week after week, Lawrence might simply elect to retire from football anyway.

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