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Biden Meets With Senate Democrats To Discuss Breaking Up Supreme Court Nominee And Confirming Her In Parts

WASHINGTON—In a closed-door meeting to discuss strategies to fill the recently vacated court seat, President Biden reportedly met with Senate Democrats Thursday to discuss breaking up his Supreme Court nominee and confirming her in parts. “Many moderate members of the caucus fear that we’re inviting backlash by trying to push through the entire justice’s body at once, and we’d be far better served with a piecemeal method of getting her limbs and vital organs onto the court one by one,” said a moderate senator familiar with the discussions, adding that given the procedural hurdles in their way, the best chance Democrats had at filling Justice Breyer’s former seat involved voting for one of the justice’s shoulders and then perhaps a lung or two. “We already have a lot of agreement within the caucus that one of her hands would logically be approved immediately—so that it can hold a gavel, obviously. Moving on from there, getting to her torso would be a cherry on top. If we’re ambitious, we might actually get through her entire circulatory system. That’d be a huge win for progressives and moderates alike. But let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.” Senate moderates also pointed out the precedent of Republicans putting Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s floating head onto the Supreme Court in 1981.

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