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‘And Then Those 12 People Send It To 12 People—That’s 144 People!” Says Cory Booker Describing Campaign Newsletter Strategy To Rosario Dawson

NEWARK—Referring to the “surefire” system as a sort of pyramid of communication, Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker excitedly walked long-term girlfriend and actress Rosario Dawson through his new network-based strategy to distribute campaign newsletters, sources confirmed Monday. “And then when those people share it, the 144 turns into over 20,000 people reading, and by the end of the month? That’s the whole country!” said a wild-eyed, energized Booker as he paced in front of Dawson, who told the New Jersey senator through a tight smile that it sounded like a great idea. “Ever since we had to cut staff in New Hampshire, my brain’s just been working overtime. I can’t believe how easy it is! The trick is to get a teacher or something to email it to parents of the kids, then you’re really cooking. It’d be great if a certain actress, who must know 12 people, could endorse me.” At press time, Booker was seen trying to convince Dawson to let him use her garage for an envelope-stuffing party later that week.

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