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Andrew Yang Picking Up A Few Souvenirs On Way Back Home From New York Visit

NEW YORK—Flipping through a rack of NYPD T-shirts at a gift shop, former mayoral candidate Andrew Yang told reporters Wednesday that he was picking up a few souvenirs on his way back home from his New York trip. “So far I’ve got an ‘I heart NY’ mug and a New York license plate keychain with my name on it,” said Yang, explaining that he wanted something to take home that reminded him of all the fun he had touring the five boroughs and hanging out with the locals. “The wife and kids had a blast too, so I’m going to get them those miniature snow globes with the Empire State Building in them. Honestly, this was just the short escape I needed, but it’ll be nice to be back home and away from the chaos of the big city with a few mementos from our time here. I wish I could bring back a slice of pizza, but that probably won’t travel well on the plane.” Yang continued that even though the vacation was great, he probably wouldn’t go back to New York City anytime soon because of all the unpleasant mentally ill people he saw roaming the streets.

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