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Biden Vows Not To Forget Lessons Of January 6: ‘We Must Hang Mike Pence’

WASHINGTON—In a stirring speech at the U.S. Capitol Thursday morning, President Joe Biden vowed not to forget the lessons of the Jan. 6 riot, urging Americans to hang former Vice President Mike Pence. “We stand here today to declare that we will not back down in the face of tyranny, and we will gut the traitor Pence limb from limb for the way he turned on President Trump,” said Biden, who spent nearly 10 minutes of his prepared remarks encouraging the crowd to chant “Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!” along with him. “What can we learn from the events of Jan. 6? The enduring lesson here is that we must drag Mike Pence from his home and string him up from the rafters for all to see. Where was he when his president needed him most? Where was he when the true patriots needed his help to stop the steal? The only way to heal this divided nation is to unite around the shared cause of killing Mike Pence for his many failures as vice president. God bless this country, and God bless you all.” Biden was then seen departing the Capitol with a pistol, vowing to take revenge on Mike Pence himself.

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