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Colin Farrell Reveals Penguin Transformation Was Achieved By Removing Prosthetics

LOS ANGELES—Detailing the time-consuming process of becoming camera-ready for his role in The Batman, Colin Farrell revealed Friday that his transformation into “the Penguin” was achieved by sitting still each day for hours at a time as the makeup artist removed his various prosthetics. “It took about four hours each day for the layers upon layers of ‘Colin Farrell’ prosthetics I wear to be removed—and even longer for me to put back on afterward,” said the 45-year-old Irish American actor, largely regarded as one of the most handsome leading men in Hollywood thanks to the pounds of silicon and constricting compression wraps he dons on a daily basis to cover up the scars and other perceived imperfections now on display in his turn as the legendary Batman villain. “At first it was really difficult to act through all of the extra flabby skin and giant buck teeth that I’ve been hiding all these years, but I think the intense transformation paid off in the end. Plus it felt really nice to cut off the ultra-shaping girdle I wear every moment of every day and just breathe normally for a few hours while at work.” At press time, Zoe Kravitz confirmed her costuming on The Batman was also intense after having to spend hours in the makeup chair getting the patent latex skin that makes up her hands and face painted to resemble human flesh.

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