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Commentators Note Healthy Choice Commercial That Played Between RNC Broadcasts Made Powerful, Stirring Case For Reduced-Calorie Dinners

NEW YORK—Acknowledging that it delivered a message that would likely stick with viewers for a long time, political commentators Wednesday sung the praises of the Healthy Choice commercial that played between RNC broadcasts last night for making a powerful, stirring case for reduced-calorie dinners. “This was a complete win for the popular microwaveable food brand, showing definitively that they have what it takes to keep you feeling full and fully energized all day long,” said CNN analyst Chris Cillizza, admitting that while there had been concerns about staying on-message, producers had exceeded expectations with the perfectly orchestrated ad spot that went off without a hitch. “Healthy Choice painted a surprisingly optimistic vision by choosing to focus on tasty, fresh ingredients at a low price instead of a gloom-and-doom warning about the dangers of obesity and heart disease. It was a truly impressive TV moment, and it may represent a whole new chapter for the dining brand.” Cillizza added that a fact check would be forthcoming, but there was no doubt that the message of delicious and convenient food had stuck a chord with wide swaths of Americans.

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