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Conservatives Warn Radical Kamala Harris Will Impose Her Christian Beliefs On American Populace

WASHINGTON—Emphasizing that this was only the first step of many designed to destroy freedom and turn the nation into an extremist nightmare, conservative pundits warned Wednesday that known radical Kamala Harris would soon impose her Christian beliefs on the American populace. “Say goodbye to America as we know it, because in Kamala Harris’ America, you’ll spend every Sunday worshiping Jesus as our Lord and savior,” said Blaze Media CEO Glenn Beck, adding that if elected, Americans would be forced to live in a society where adults and children regularly attend church and are brainwashed from birth to live in fear of an all-powerful Lord and Savior. “Frankly, while this is terrifying, don’t just listen to me—go and read their disgusting scripture, which regularly features rape, incest, and something called an ‘immaculate conception.’ So, I ask you, do you really want your kids to spend every Sunday on their knees, getting radicalized by a religion that has killed millions in extremist violence around the globe? For God’s sake, we’re a Christian nation, not a Christian one.” At press time, Beck also warned of an increasingly bleak future where Americans were forced to take time off of work for Christian holidays and refer to America as “one nation, under God.”

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