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Contrarian ‘New York Times’ Travel Section Breaks With Paper To Endorse Deval Patrick For Democratic Nomination

NEW YORK—In a dramatic challenge of the editorial board, The New York Times travel section broke with the paper Tuesday to endorse former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick for the Democratic nomination. “Given his impressive track record as a card-carrying Hyatt Loyalty Program member and the only candidate with TSA PreCheck, we are left no choice but to split with the main body of this organization and endorse Deval Patrick,” said travel editor Amy Virshup, explaining that the section’s values have been diverging from the rest of the newspaper for years and that The Time’s co-endorsement of Klobuchar and Warren did not reflect the values of American jet-setters nearly as well as Patrick. “Patrick thoroughly impressed us with his comprehensive plan for the best way to spend 36 hours in Marrakech, and proved he’s ready to lead with his extensive knowledge of everything from using concierge services to where to find the best bar in the Seattle area. Whether you prefer a family vacation or a romantic getaway, for the conscientious traveler, there is no better candidate than Deval Patrick.” At press time, an emergent Deval Patrick had picked up endorsements from every major American newspaper’s travel section.

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