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Cory Booker Taken Aback To Find Dozens Of Pictures Of Himself On Buttigieg Campaign Flyers

WASHINGTON—Expressing surprise that he was featured so prominently in a rival’s literature, presidential candidate Cory Booker was reportedly taken aback Wednesday after discovering his picture dozens of times on official Pete Buttigieg campaign materials. “It would have been nice if someone from the Buttigieg team had reached out to me before they plastered my face all over these mailers,” said Booker, flipping through a brochure featuring numerous photos of the New Jersey senator giving a thumbs-up and shaking hands with Buttigieg. “I like Pete fine and everything, and we’ve gotten to know each other a bit on the campaign trail, but we’re certainly not as close as these flyers make it seem. In any case, I do worry that seeing my picture scores of times under headings like, ‘It’s time for a new generation of American leadership,’ could send the wrong message about who I’m supporting in the primary.” At press time, Booker admitted his relief that at least he didn’t appear anywhere near as many times on the campaign flyers as Kamala Harris.

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