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DaBaby Apologizes For Leaving Jews Out Of Offensive Rant

CHARLOTTE, NC—Following backlash over comments he made about gay men and HIV at a recent concert and on social media, rapper DaBaby issued an apology Wednesday for leaving Jews out of his profanity-laden, offensive rant. “I want to say in no uncertain terms that it was wrong of me not to include Jews in the statements I made attacking both homosexual men and people suffering from AIDS,” the 29-year-old recording artist wrote on Instagram, explaining that the homophobic remarks were not reflective of the anti-Semite he truly was. “In hindsight, I should have shouted a couple of hate-filled lines about the Jews before dropping my next song, but unfortunately, I can’t turn back the clock. In the past few days, friends have made me aware of how I neglected an opportunity to demonize Jews, and I hope to take that with me going into the future. All of this is to say nothing about the nasty lesbians, trans people, immigrants, and Asians who sometimes get overlooked in these kinds of full-throated, bigoted tirades.” At press time, DaBaby announced he was taking a break from touring while he researched Jewish conspiracies online.

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