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DNC Pours All Campaign Funding Into New York, California To Win Popular Vote By Even Greater Margin Than 2016

WASHINGTON—In an effort to improve upon the party’s two-point margin of victory in the 2016 presidential election, the Democratic National Committee confirmed Monday it hoped to notch an even more decisive win of the popular vote this year by devoting all its resources to New York and California. “While our last nominee for president only won by about 3 million votes, we believe that if we concentrate on these two massive coastal population centers we can get that up to 4 or maybe 5 million,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez, who explained the committee would spend hundreds of millions of dollars on TV ads in major media markets such as Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and New York City. “You look at the West Coast, you look at the Northeast, and these places just have a whole lot of Democrats in them. So that’s where we want to do really intensive canvassing for Joe Biden, knocking on every door from Berkeley to Brooklyn to Boston. If we can get those people out to the polls to vote for president, then, in terms of the total number of ballots cast, Biden will have this thing locked up. There’s no telling how badly he’ll beat Donald Trump when you’re looking solely at the popular vote.” According to reports, the DNC was already hard at work on plans for Inauguration Day, when its surrogates will hit the cable news circuit to discuss how, if the Constitution provided for the direct election of presidents, Biden would be the one getting sworn in.

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