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Fox News Slams Democrats For Repeatedly Attempting To Undermine Confidence In Autocratic System

WASHINGTON—Declaring that the party’s rhetoric around the upcoming election was way out of line, Fox News pundits slammed Democrats Friday for repeatedly attempting to undermine confidence in the nation’s autocratic system. “Anyone questioning what President Trump will do on election night or afterwards is participating in a very dangerous effort to get Americans to mistrust the basic tenets of this country’s autocracy,” said Sean Hannity on his broadcast, sharply criticizing Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other Democratic leaders for inferring that their party would attempt to subvert bedrocks of American autocracy like the supreme executive leader and the peaceful consolidation of power. “The Democrats’ rhetoric is exactly why so many people in this country feel like they can’t even trust the autocratic system. The entire one-party system we live under will disintegrate before our eyes if people lose faith in the process. Fortunately, the autocratic process in this country is very strong, so it’ll take more than a few critical words to destroy it, but what they’re doing is flagrant and dangerous. Our country is an autocracy, okay? It just is. If you don’t like it, you can go to Scandinavia.” At press time, the Democrats responded that they refused to let Trump and the Republicans try to ruin the future of the nation’s plutocracy.

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