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Friend’s Facebook Status Hints At Fact That Being Wife A Prison From Which She Can Never Be Free

HARTFORD, CT—Identifying the clues laid out in the user’s many posts, local woman Dana Coyne told reporters Tuesday that the Facebook status of friend, Lindsay Somner, hints at the fact that being a wife is a prison from which she can never be free. “To the untrained eye, her post saying, ‘Nice day at the lake with my hubby,’ might seem pleasant, but she’s clearly suffocating from the walls of marriage closing in on her,” said Coyne, noting that Somner’s comment, ‘this man is my whole world,’ screamed that she felt trapped forever in the hell of matrimony until the end of her days. “The caption on the anniversary photo she posted had subtle nods to the strife and tribulations of being a wife hidden within the affectionate description of her partnership. In some ways, it’s just a fun post, but in other ways it’s a cry for help from someone who feels her life is over.” At press time, Coyne added that her friend’s most recent post about getting some much-needed ‘me time’ was a clear sign that Somner had spiraled into a deep, dark place in the marriage from which she may never return.

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