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Frustrated Customer At HBO’s ‘The Shop’ Waiting Hours For Haircut While LeBron Talks About 2016 Finals

LOS ANGELES—Anxiously stirring in his chair as the barber was interrupted once again, barbershop customer Jerry Esperance was frustrated at a taping of HBO’s The Shop Thursday as he waited two hours for a haircut while LeBron James talked about the 2016 NBA Finals. “I’m just want a haircut—how much longer do they have to talk about LeBron’s legacy?” asked Esperance, who questioned how the barbershop stayed open with a clientele of four athletes and television personalities. “I would’ve waited in my car if I knew they’d just be talking about “The Block” for three hours. I thought they were done when LeBron talked about lifting the Finals MVP trophy, but then they change camera positions and started all over again. He’s not even getting his haircut.” At press time, Esperance left the barbershop halfway through his haircut after James brought up filming Space Jam: A New Legacy.

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