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‘Help! Help! Who Am I? Where Am I? Who Are You People?’ Says Biden In Embarrassing Campaign Gaffe

DES MOINES, IA—Following an uncomfortable flub on the campaign trail, political experts warned Tuesday that Joe Biden’s latest gaffe of repeatedly shouting “Help! Who am I? Where am I? Who are you people?” during a recent rally in Iowa risked embarrassing the candidate during his presidential run. “Biden is still the clear Democratic front-runner, but voters are increasingly expressing skepticism about his decision to wander out onto a campaign stage, blink blearily for several seconds, and tell the assembled crowd to go away because they’re loud and scary and he wants to be by himself,” said analyst Alexa Barbin, noting that the former vice president’s predilection for coming up to individual rally attendees and asking ‘Are you Barack?’ while staring at them with wide-eyed terror plays into a narrative that could damage Biden’s standing among primary voters. “Democrats still like Biden a lot, and a large part of what they’re responding to is the unscripted, off-the-cuff charm that they’re not getting from politicians who necessarily know who they’re talking to or what year it is. When Joe Biden is out there on the stump day after day, asking what everyone is doing in his bedroom while he’s trying to sleep, Americans know he’s fighting for them.” At press time, the Biden campaign announced that the candidate would be issuing a forceful argument about why he was best positioned to defeat Trump as soon as the former vice president began recognizing his caretakers’ faces again.

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