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Hunter Biden Admits It Was Poor Judgment To Be Involved With Corrupt Biden Family

WESTERVILLE, OH—In a television interview where he conceded that he had made some significant mistakes, Hunter Biden admitted Tuesday it was poor judgment on his part to be involved with the corrupt Biden family. “Now that I’ve had time to step back and take stock, it’s clear to me that due to the numerous improprieties swirling around them, I never should have gotten involved with the Biden family in the first place,” said Hunter, 49, adding that although he believed his conduct and that of the Bidens fell short of anything illegal, members of the family were clearly involved in shady financial dealings and questionable foreign entanglements, and he should have steered clear altogether. “When I received a position in the Biden family, I was obviously afforded a great deal of power and opportunity, and all that opulence got the better of me. When you’re in that deep, sometimes you don’t see how bad things really are. I understand that I’m under more scrutiny that most people, and to be publicly involved with the Biden family gives the appearance that I’ve done things the American people wouldn’t approve of. I take full responsibility for my involvement with the Bidens, and I’m sorry.” Hunter added that he sought to rise above any further scrutiny by announcing that he was stepping down from the Biden family

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