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‘I Love My Wife Marcia And 2 Beautiful Kids, Tad And Hayden,’ Says Buttigieg In Latest Campaign Shift

SOUTH BEND, IN—Quipping that if elected, he would be a father first and president second, Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg told reporters Wednesday that he loved his “wife Marcia and two beautiful kids, Tad and Hayden” in his latest campaign shift. “First, I’d like to thank my incredible rock of 15 years, Marcia, and boys, why don’t you come on up to the stage and give your pops a hug?” said the former mayor of South Bend, beckoning to his newly revamped campaign staff and inviting up a tall, slender woman with two suit-clad young boys who immediately sprinted over Buttigieg yelling “Daddy, Daddy.” “This beautiful, intelligent woman right here—she got me through law school, she got me through my mayoral races, and she’s going to get us to the White House. And Tad and Hayden, thank you for coming here today. But you better get going—Daddy knows you have homework to do!” At press time, Buttigieg grabbed his wife and gave her a long kiss on the lips before shrugging and telling the crowd, “Happy wife, happy life!”

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