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Kids’ Movie Has A Couple Moments That Condescend To Adults Too

SUDBURY, MA—Explaining that it was nice having a little something for older viewers, local parents Todd and Laila Fischer told reporters Wednesday that children’s movie Peter And The Enchanted Forest had a couple moments that condescend to adults, too. “Obviously, most of the insipid garbage in this movie is just there for kids like Sydney, so it’s great that it can also pander to me and her mom,” said Fischer, explaining that as much as he understood the film was targeted towards young children, he also appreciated the studio’s choice to include a few idiotic jokes about Donald Trump and a throwaway visual reference to the nineties sitcom Seinfeld without any relevance to the movie’s narrative. “I get that producers of kids’ movies are focused on treating my daughter like a fucking idiot. It definitely makes things more fun to get a few focus-group-tested lines written expressly for dipshit grown-ups.”At press time, Fischer had quieted his daughter’s confusion over one such patronizing adult joke by telling her she would appreciate the reference when she was older and dumber.

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