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William Shatner Overjoyed To Take Blue Origin Flight After Learning Space Actually Real

LOS ANGELES—Announcing that he had accepted the company’s offer to join the upcoming launch, William Shatner told reporters Tuesday that he was overjoyed at the opportunity to take a Blue Origin flight after learning that space is actually real. “I may have made countless memories exploring space on TV, but never in a million years did I think I’d live to see the day when it was confirmed as an actual place,” said the actor of Star Trek fame, who stated that he was “shocked and delighted” when the space travel company reached out to offer him a spot aboard what he described as “a real-life rocket that can actually fly.” “The show’s writers were constantly coming up with completely far-fetched science-fiction concepts like space, stars, and female officers. Nimoy and I would joke all the time about what horseshit the whole planets-in-a-vacuum thing was, but boy, I guess the egg’s on my face now. I used to get in so many arguments on set, saying things like, ‘Pretty convenient for the plot that this ‘outer space’ is infinite, huh?’ I just hope my trip will serve as an inspiration to fans everywhere that it’s never too late to learn new things!” At press time, Shatner had grown skeptical once again after learning that the journey would only reach 66 miles above the Earth.

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