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Lakers Fans Frustrated With Volatile Hot Dog Prices In Crypto.Com Arena

LOS ANGELES—Numerous arguments had reportedly broken out in the concession areas Wednesday among Lakers fans frustrated with the volatile hot dog prices in the newly christened Arena. “This is bullshit, I was here 30 minutes ago and bought an $8 hot dog, and now I’m back and a single hot dog costs $16,000,” said irate season-ticket holder Melvin McKay, echoing complaints from fellow fans who were annoyed to be charged four figures for nachos before the prices dropped so the next person in line only had to pay 12 cents. “It’s like, pick one single price and charge that. It should be the same price for everyone at all times. Like, earlier when I was sitting down, the concession guy told me a beer was 10 bucks, but by the time I pulled out my wallet, he said it had gone up to $14,000, and then it was $33, and then 14 cents, and then $250,000. I’m sorry, but I’m not paying a quarter million dollars for a Bud Light. And then I saw the guy in front of me buy a hot dog for $8, take a bite, and then sell it to another guy for $10,000. What’s going on?” At press time, the concession lines were growing longer after arena staff informed fans that the only accepted currency to purchase a hot dog was other hot dogs.

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