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Mike Pompeo: ‘There Is Overwhelming And Undeniable Evidence To Support Going To War With Whoever’

WASHINGTON—Citing rapidly escalating tensions, increasing frequency of treaty violations, and deteriorating diplomatic relations across the board, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated Monday that the United States has overwhelming and undeniable evidence to support going to war with whoever. “Make no mistake: America will not sit idly by while someone or other engages in what we say are continued irrefutable acts of aggression,” said Pompeo, emphasizing that the United States reserves the right to exercise full military might in order to protect its political and economic interests wherever. “Although the nation in question may be an undetermined or undefined distance from America’s borders, it remains crucial to protect our sovereignty and come to the aid of our allies, if any, in someplace, somewhere on the globe. We even have good reason to suspect that pretty much anyone anywhere is currently in the process of developing a nuclear arsenal.” Pompeo also confirmed that the Pentagon had detailed contingency plans for possible preemptive strikes on everywhere.

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