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Nation Pauses To Reflect On Heroic Sacrifices Of Will Smith’s Characters

NEW YORK—Taking a somber moment to meditate on where it would be without those great heroes portrayed by the Hollywood star, the nation reportedly paused Monday to reflect on the noble sacrifices made by Will Smith’s characters. “Whether the threat be domestic, international, or intergalactic, the characters Will Smith depicted on the silver screen always rose to the challenge despite overwhelming odds, and for that, America is thankful,” said Queens native Kyle McKenzie, who teared up as he echoed the sentiments of his fellow Americans, recalling how, in Independence Day, Smith’s Captain Steven Hiller had saved human civilization when he bravely penetrated the alien mothership and uploaded a virus to deactivate its shields. “Today we take time to remember those Will Smith roles that embodied the best of what it means to be American. We remember the names of Detective Mike Lowrey, Agent J, Hitch, the superhero John Hancock, and, from Gemini Man, Marine sniper Henry Brogan—though not of course Junior, the cloned assassin play by a digitally de-aged Smith who is sent to betray and kill Henry. From their time in the Wild Wild West to their work with the Men In Black, Will Smith’s characters are true patriots and should be venerated always for their courage and selflessness.” At press time, reports confirmed parades were being held across the country to honor the memory of Genie from Aladdin, specifically the character as portrayed by Smith in the live-action remake from 2019.

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